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Art Events

Cathy Schock has a strong desire to help children to be healed through their experiences with the good properties of art of all types. Watch the video below to see a slideshow one one of her recent Art Workshops.

Miracles Through Art

Yes, Miracles! There are many wonderful kinds of healing that have been the response to the Prophetic Art of Cathy Schock. Watch the videos below to hear about the physical healings of Jimmy and Micah.

Jimmy's Healing

"Last week I saw Jimmy at church with a big smile on his face filled with JOY and restored health from all devastating digestive issues after four months!"
-Cathy Schock
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Jimmy's video of complete healing from four months of severe digestive problems after going to three hospitals. Not one of the hospitals could provide a diagnosis. How could they know how to treat him? God used a piece of Cathy's artwork titled, "Breaking Free". The painting was placed in Jimmie's bedroom for two weeks as he pondered this message of hope!

No More Color Blindness

"Within minutes Micah received complete healing of color blindness from his birth and we all thanked God and gave Him all the glory for this miracle!"
-Cathy Schock
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Micah was born seeing only blacks, whites and grays in life. It was difficult to imagine as his father, Anthony, shared about Micah's condition. Being an artixt, who works with color, Cathy's heart felt broken inside. She wondered what was his world like? Cathy shared this situation with Silvio, the organizer of the Spring Art Exhibition in McComb, Ohio. They all agreed prayer was needed, so Silvio asked Nick, his brother-in-law, to lead prayer and then Silvio asked Cathy to pray. Cathy asked God for Micah to see as if Jesus Himself was looking through Micah's eyes so that Micah could "see what Jesus sees".

As Micah stood, believed and gazed into Nick's eyes for a few moments, he collapsed with much hugging and crying! He continued crying in thankfulness because THIS WAS HIS FIRST TIME actually seeing colors!!!! Micah realized he just received a miracle from the Throne Room of Heaven!!! There were seven who witnessed God's Amazing Agape Love Kiss that day! Micah's black and white world came alive with a perfect vision, full of colors!!! As we prayed for Nathanael and Nichole, more healing was released.

Thank you Lord for opening the eyes of the blind so they may see YOUR GLORY and give YOU THANKS!!!

For Zion's sake I will not keep silent,
and for Jerusalem's sake
I will not be quiet,
until her righteousness goes forth
as brightness,
and her salvation as a burning torch.
-Isaiah 62:1