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Art of My Beloved is based on a growing collection of paintings by Cathy Schock. Cathy is a talented artist with a commitment to following the inspiration of God. This combination brings about some very interesting responses and reactions from those who have seen Cathy’s work. There is definitely more to Cathy’s work than meets the naked eye.

Divine Influence

Cathy loves people. She is an advocate for those who have been injured by the trauma and drama of living. Her love for people is only surpassed by her love for God. This love is evident in her life as she intercedes in prayer on behalf of those who are in need of a touch from God. This is a calling to prayer that propels her into the kind of relationship with God that influences her Art.

A Heart for Service

Cathy invites you to explore these pages as she shares more about her art and reveals her heart for God and People. “This journey in Art with my paint brush and colors, precious friend, is where the heartbeat of My Father dwells. It is my honor to pray and to paint in the Spirit, to proclaim the Good News, set the captives free and release a future hope into the lives of others. It is just like waking up daily to the quiet, glorious, light of the sunrise each morning!”

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Walking Into Glory Light

Walking Into Glory Light

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Hold Your Piece

The Offering

The Offering

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Releasing Sounds of Life